3 bands that are going to be famous in a few years

I used to like Twenty One Pilots and Yungblud before they got famous. So, in these days, I realized I have a superpower. A pretty useless one to be honest.

I can figure out which emerging bands will become famous

So I thought I’d write a list on Medium of bands that will be in the music charts all around the world in a few years. Let’s get started.


This band is amazing. Their indie rock sound blends with electronic influences to create something unique.

What characterizes the band is the use of dance choreography during the live shows and their music videos, something never seen before except in low-level pop groups.

Their lyrics discuss the most varied themes, from self-acceptance to a desperate cry for the search of God. Does this band intrigue you? Here is a song you will love.


This band draws heavily on indie-rock sound.

The singer, Brian Sella, has an atypical voice that his fandom defines as “A tone of the voice of a person who tries not to cry”.

What characterizes the band are their lyrics. Always very intimate, always very relatable on several levels. Most of their songs talk about love.

So if you broke up with your girlfriend, if you are in love with someone else, listen to The Front Bottoms

As usual I leave you a song that will make you fall in love with the band.

I Dont Know How But They Found Me

In 2018 it was definitive the hottest unsigned band in the world, IDKHBTFM is an american duo consisting of the singer Dallon Weekes and the drummer Ryan Seaman. They both came from really renowned bands, in order, Panic at the Disco and Falling in Reverse.

Their sound is a mix of electronic rock and emo pop, their lyrics and songs are enigmatic like the name of the band itself.

I suggest this band for My Chemical Romance fans or emo nostalgic, you will definitively enjoy them.

That was the last band. We hope these talented artists achieve success as soon as possible, they deserve it.

Thank you for your time,




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