3 Commercial ADs that will leave you speechless

Frame from “The Spide and The Window” AD for Samsung

The planet is burning, people are losing their jobs and the Ukrainian War could be the next World conflict. In this catastrophic scenario, why would someone care about advertising?

It is a fair point, there is a certain amount of difficulty nowadays to appreciate something generically superfluous like Commercial ADs, mostly because the audience does not need them anymore. Social Media is the new advertising and Influencers are the new products’ sponsors.

However, Brands and Agencies didn’t stop producing quality commercials, contrariwise since they are faced with the lack of attention spam and indifference that the general web users have, their ADs are more creative and inspiring than ever. The big difference from the past is the budget Creative Directors have at their disposal (which is insanely lower than in the past) and the fact that big brands are relying more and more on smaller production companies to reach their audience.

In this article, we will analyze three Commercial ADs that are not only creative and inspiring but artistic pièces that just happened to help a company sell more.

Number 1 — “Francesca” for DIESEL

Produced by Division, the new production company which is changing the ADs market, Francesca is a fresh take on sexuality and fashion. This short film was shot in only three days in Ukraine and it is a low-budget production. Jules de Chateleux, the producer, used one location to save money and time. Everything you see from the corridors to the toilets and bedrooms took place in one location: a local university. The schedule was therefore pretty tight. They were shooting multiple scenes a day, changing different outfits and sets as the time progressed. This commercial won several important awards, among which was the Yellow Pencil Award for Best Short Film.

Number 2 - “All Ears on You” for Spotify

Using Joe Crooks’ “Feet Don’t Fall me Now”, this AD represents the use of music as a means to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

All Ears on You is the brand new Spotify AD, directed by the talented Amber Grace Johnson and produced by Object & Animal. It’s a powerful depiction of the joy or the stress-relief effects that music has in everyone’s life.

Who has never happened to wander around their city completely immersed in their music? This daily situation is represented through the use of “sound bubbles” as visual metaphors that isolate the protagonists from urban noises. The result is a stunning commercial that strikes the viewer with its uniqueness. There is no better symbology than that of a Bubble of personal space to represent Spotify and Music in general.

Number 3- “The Spider and the Window” for Samsung

The last advertisement is different from those seen so far in terms of execution and content. The Spider and the Window is a lighthearted love story between a spider and the camera of a new Samsung model. This concept is fairly straightforward, but its execution is spectacular. The Spider, modeled in 3D, is an expressive and strangely likable character that came out straight from a Pixar movie. In a few seconds, through well-made storytelling, we are hooked on the narrative and we hope that, in one way or another, the Spider will meet its “beloved”.



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